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How to keep your manicure always fresh

How to keep your manicure always fresh https://beautifulnails.store

Every woman knows that there is nothing worse than chipped nails. However, it is quite time consuming to paint your nails every day to make the look fresh. So, what can you do to make your manicure last longer and look perfect not only on the first day? In this blog, we have collected some useful tips.

1) Do not wash your hands before you make your manicure. If you do, your nails will expand and later shrink, ruining your polish.

2) Always use only your own polish, even if you go to a salon. This way, you will be sure of its quality and will avoid later mishaps.

3) Before applying base coat, use white vinegar. It will help you to remove oils from your nails that prevent polish to adhere properly.

4) Never shake the bottle with nail polish, If it has been stagnant for quite a while, roll it between your hands. This way, you will avoid air bubbles inside.

5) Try to avoid using quick-dry topcoats. They evaporate rather quickly, leaving your polish soft.

6) Remember about keeping your nails hydrated. If they become dry, they will peel. Use nail oil to avoid that.

7) Do not use products containing alcohol. Lotions and sanitizers can easily ruin your nail polish, making it look faded.

8) Use a rubberized base coat. It help the polish to adhere better to your nails.

9) Avoid exposing your nails to heat (including the hair dryer). It will make the polish too dry to last.

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