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Be Awesome from Top to Toe with Beautiful Nails Store

Be Awesome from Top to Toe with Beautiful Nails Store https://beautifulnails.store

At all times people wanted to have beautiful and well-groomed hands and nails. The history of manicure reaches back to ancient times. The oldest manicure set made of cast gold dates back to 3200 BC; it was found in the southern part of the ruins of Babylon. Nowadays, nail art has already turned into an entire industry, and the variety of nail products is really amazing. Beautiful Nails Store is glad to offer the widest choice of different nail products for stunning manicure and nail art.

Nail care is an important part of wellness and overall body care. It is a must for every person whose image matters much. A proper manicure is especially important for women. Well-groomed nails and hands complete the stylish look. Hands with graceful nails always attract attention. On the contrary, nails without manicure can completely destroy your charm.

The last step of manicure is covering the nails with a nail polish or a nail gel.  Nail design techniques are constantly being improved, and nail art is becoming more unusual and spectacular. Here are just a few current trends in nail art.

Water manicure. Several drops of nail polish of different colors are added to the water in the tray and mixed with a thin needle. The fingers are immersed in the water, and the pattern is transferred to the nails.

Lace manicure. Nails decorated with lace look very elegant. This technique is great for creating evening or wedding looks. The lace material is cut out in the suitable shape and glued to the nails. Then, one or two layers of a nail polish are applied to the nail surface.

Stamping. Stamping is a popular technique for drawing a pattern with special silicone stamps. These stamps allow creating images and patterns of any complexity.

Doodling. With this type of manicure, you can draw anything what comes to mind: flowers, squiggles, houses, trees or just geometric patterns. Don’t care about the composition, symmetry and other nuances. It is better to do this with special tools and brushes, as the drawing should be very thin and accurate.

Zentangling is a similar nail art technique. The difference is that it is composed of repeating patterns. You can find many patterns in the form of animals, flowers, human figures, etc.

Graphic design is composed of various geometric patterns, contrasting stripes, dots, and so on.

Besides, there are foam, mirror, sand manicure, broken glass technique, ombre, gradient, magnetic manicure… The list goes on! Nails can be covered with glitters, rhinestones, stickers, nail gels with faux fur effect, and what not.

Whatever type of nail art you prefer, you need to use high quality and safe materials: nail gels, nail polishes, nail dryers, nail polish removers, acrylic powders and liquids, and false nails. All these products can be found here at beautifulnails.store and delivered to any point of the globe, as we provide free worldwide shipping for our customers. Our main task is to help you bring more beauty into this world!

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